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As one declared as “the preacher’s preacher”, Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr., with over thirty years of ministry strives to bring effective and holistic life changing ministry to the body of Christ.  He is a church planter, author, community leader and Apostolic Father to many.  He understands the laborious calling and assignment upon his life yet walks in sincere humility and exorbitant integrity. 


He is the Senior Pastor of the Mt. Moriah Community Church.  MMCC extends from its headquarters in Farmville, NC to Wilson, Greenville, Clinton, and Raleigh, NC.  He is one who strongly operates in the apostolic anointing to bring about life changing ministry. 


Dr. McNair is the establishmentarian and Presiding Bishop of the Life Changing Ministries International Fellowship.  LCMIF, consisting of nearly 60 churches and ministries is designed for covenant pastors and ministries desiring to grow spiritually and economically under Dr. McNair’s vision, covering and direction.  LCMIF is united to empower, educate, equip and launch. 

His continuing academic career began at Carolina Bible College, Trinity Bible College and continued at North Carolina College of Theology where he received his Masters and Doctorate of Theological Studies. He has completed well over 10 years of Advanced Studies in Homiletics and Hermeneutics from Regents at Oxford University in Oxford, England under the tutelage of Dr. Joel C. Gregory.  He has successfully completed numerous years of leadership training from the Phillip Crosby School of Florida in Quality Improvement, numerous years in Fundamentals of Supervision by Capital Associates of Raleigh, NC and Pre-Military training in leadership.  He is the Founder & President of the Life Changing Bible Institute, a fully accredited theological seminary based in Greenville, NC.  In January 2017, Dr. McNair was a recipient of the prestigious President’s Lifetime Achievement Award presented on behalf of President Barack Obama.


Dr. McNair travels nationally and internationally preaching, teaching, training ministry leaders, planting and building churches.  He has ministered in Brazil, conducted crusades in South Africa, Germany, London, Hong Kong, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Barbados and throughout the United States.


In September 1990, he was united in holy matrimony to Michelle Green McNair.  Elect Lady Michelle McNair enjoys working with children and loves people.  Apostle and Lady McNair have three children, Elder Aaron Jr., Courtney and Jaquetta.


Dr. McNair is a man of vision and positive influence.  Apostle McNair’s personal ministerial mission is to impact the world with effective life-changing ministries, to make and nurture humanity into Disciples of Christ.  To usher humanity into economic and spiritual empowerment and to embrace and meet the holistic needs of all humanity.

"God doesn't have a problem with your problem, he has a problem with the one with the problem."

-Apostle Dr. A.B. McNair, Sr.

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